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Deliver in your city

The easy-going policies of neardex, where the delivery experts just needto contact neardex and become the part of the neardex family within a few days via some steps and policies, always make neardex the best e-commerce platform to work with

Take your shop online

Neardex provides to local shops an online platform, where sellersjust have to register at neardex and then neardex approaches the seller, and providesthem an online platform within 2-3 days by getting through some easy steps and policies.

What is Neardex ?

Neardex is a hyperlocal platform that has upgraded and innovated the whole e-commerce world. Neardex, a nearby delivery expert, provides its customers, the facility to buy the desired product from the desired local shops to ensure the best quality purchase. As the name suggests, neardex removes the gap between the buyer and sellers by connecting everything online. Neardex facilitates the customers to choose the desired nearby local store to purchase the required product.

Our vision and mission

Providing customers, the best experience of shopping online without any problems is the vision of Neardex. Delivering products and spreading smiles eradicating all the trust issues and assure product excellence is the dream of far-sighted e-commerce platform “Neardex”. It aims at providing customers with a very trustworthy experience with the most amazing shopping, payment, partnership, and return policies and supports and promotes the growth of local stores and delivery experts hence promoting the local goods and services. Neardex always cares about everyone associated with it, rather it is the customers, delivery partners, shop owners, by providing them with the best services, best comfort zone to work, and the best platform to grow their business.