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Karan Singh  ●  4 months ago

LIfe of mankind was going so well and people all over the world were busy struggling and discovering new things and inventions. The whole of mankind was engaged in its day to day life and everyone used to be healthy and happy. But then the time changed the situations and a big pandemic collided with mankind. The pandemic “COVID-19” started taking over the normal lives and routines of the people. The situations were changed all over the world. The havoc of the pandemic “COVID-19” started somewhere between the last week of December and the first week of January. This started affecting people all over the world rapidly. The rapid spread and fast multiplication are the main features of this pandemic. And due to this, a huge no. of people started getting infected rapidly and just through a little contact. Due to this, the government started locking down the movement of people all over to prevent the spread of this pandemic.

Impact of COVID-19

The government declared the total lockdown of the nation on 22nd march 2020, and after that, all the movements and the whole Indian market were shut!
  • The trains and flights were canceled, the shops were closed, public transport and unnecessary movements of the people were prohibited.
  • People only had permission to going out for an urgent cause.
  • Shopping areas were closed, people started facing a lot of difficulties during these critical situations.
  • Tough medical, grocery, and dairy shops were open, people feared to go out because of this pandemic.
  • Shopping for essentials like Grocery, fruits, vegetables etc, was no more an easy task.

Impact on Jabalpur

Jabalpur has been affected by this pandemic and has faced a lot of consequences. It has faced a lot of critical stages of the lockdown. The monotonous increase in the cases created fear and stressed the people living. Habitants feared to go out of there homes as there was a fear waiting outside.
The spread of this pandemic started with 4 cases in Jabalpur and now had reached 270+ till now. Updates are still witnessing an increase in the number of cases!
Covid19 Active, Recovered and Fatal cases in Jabalpur
Covid19 Active, Recovered and Fatal cases in Jabalpur
This rapid increase of the Corona Virus has created fear and chaos among the habitats of Jabalpur. Yet people living in Jabalpur didn’t have had to worry much about the essential items. This pandemic created confusion among the minds of people about buying goods of daily need despite strict rules of lockdown and the fear of getting infected!
When all the shops were shut, and the lockdown was being made follow strictly, “CHAZE” as usual, provided people with a sigh of relief!

Chaze’s Contribution

During the difficult times of this COVID-19, when there used to be difficulty in the shopping of essentials, Chaze took a brave initiative to continue its services even during this pandemic times. The “chaze” kept on delivering essential items from door to door even during these tough times so that people of Jabalpur could get relief! At the initial stages of the lockdown situation “chaze” was preferring contactless delivery to ensure the safety of both the delivery person and the customer.
Shopping online during these times not only saves time, but it also keeps people safe as moving out is a risk. Hence “chaze” helped the people in many ways:
  • Customers of “chaze” got the advantage of safe as well as fast delivery. Despite the stress of this pandemic, “chaze” ensured its customer the fastest, safest, and quality delivery of goods.
  • As the local stores were not being able to earn any profit, “chaze” was proved to be the best option. Chaze also helped in increasing the sales of shopkeepers during this pandemic period
  • Safety is the most important priority for everyone during this critical situation. People prefer using masks and gloves along with carrying sanitizers. Keeping all of these points in mind chaze provided all the safety-related stuff to the delivery partners to ensure the safety and provide the best they can to the delivery partner.
  • Medicines are very important, especially in these critical times, and hence chaze also added the facility of delivering Medicines to the customers keeping in mind the health of those!
  • Despite those many serviced continued even at these tough times. Some of those are Fruits and Vegetables, Groceries, Health-and-Beaut, Dairy, Stationary, Food & Bakery, Electronics Items.
Delivery partner picking up goods at local shops
Delivery partner picking up goods at local shops

Delivering goods to customer with safety
Delivering goods to customer with safety
The help that “chaze” provided was appreciated a lot and such appreciation is making “chaze” better day by day. Today “chaze” has proved that for it, customers always come first, and maybe, for this reason, it is the most liked local e-commerce platform of Jabalpur. “Chaze” always stands with Jabalpur’s habitats at the time of need performing the best at its’s field and will keep on doing so.