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Shop Online with Immense Ease

Karan Singh  ●  4 months ago

The fast-growing pace of science and technology has given this society a major change. The modern era, which focuses more on saving time, is witnessing the fact of day to day tasks going easier. In today's world, the hectic job of buying goods, be it the fabric, crockery, grocery or the decorative items, basic household needs, etc, has been made much easier through the action called “online shopping”. Now, one mouse click has substituted the hectic work of travelling and visiting different shops to get the desired product.

The essence of online shopping:

Humans today, search for easier ways to get their work done, and shopping online with just a few clicks is what they love these days. Rather than wasting time and money to travel to different shops and retailers in search of the desired stuff, getting all the products on a single screen is preferred more. In today's world, one can surf and browse as many products as we can and easily find the one which satisfies one’s own interests. Generally, some people hesitate to ask the shopkeepers to demonstrate too many products and thus, shopping online provides great help to them!
Shopping online, obviously, saves time and efforts as a large variety of products and the information about them is easily available and can be assessed with just a few mouse clicks. In online shopping, the products don't go through various retailers, wholesalers, and distributors and hence sometimes, the product that we want might be available at a cheaper price online. Various e-commerce platforms provide attractive coupons and contests that add to the advantages of online shopping.
Shopping online has swapped crowded offline stores in terms of human priorities. People rather than going to crowded stores, now prefer shopping online with great ease and why won't someone do that? Online shopping is way more convenient than shopping from physical stores. The online stores/websites can be accessed anytime. An order, no matter what it is, can be placed even at 2 am-midnight! The practice of online shopping gives us the facility to compare prices easily and hence helping us to buy the best deal.
But, Do all the people across are comfortable with this facility?
The answer to this is “no”.
Actually, we researched this and then found some important facts about online shopping.
According to the survey, it was found that 45.8% of the people do shopping online twice to four times every month, 19.2% five to nine times, 16%more than 10 times,15.2% less than once, and 3.8% never tried shopping online. It can be better understood by the following pie chart :

The rate of online shopping is increasing day by day, but it is not increasing as people expect it to. A lot of people have a lot of insecurities and doubts while shopping online. People, even today, are not that comfortable with online shopping. There still is some fear of money of the buyer getting wasted and this is the reason for a minor decrease in the growth of online shopping statistics. Almost everyone has access to the internet, almost everyone surf and browse online, but a proportion of them actually shop online !!

Some major limitations :

Though online shopping has almost overcome physical shopping. We save time and energy and get the products to deliver at their doorstep. There still are some limitations with online shopping that lead to a question of doubt among the buyers.
  • Online e-commerce platforms can’t provide immediate delivery that is delivered within some hours or within a day.
  • And sometimes the delivery of urgent goods gets further delayed due to some unavoidable reasons.
  • The process of return of any product through an e-commerce platform is not that easy task. It takes time and is quite messy.
  • E-commerce platforms have refund policies but those are not that comfortable and quick to follow. Sometimes customers not even get 100% of the money back.
  • Customers, shopping online, have no idea which shop is selling the product and hence this results in some trust issues among them.

CHAZE : An E-Commerce startup !

Observing the limitations of online shopping, it was concluded that this needs to be upgraded. And hence “Chaze” entered the e-commerce market and changed the scenario of online shopping at Jabalpur. “Chaze” actually is a hyperlocal e-commerce platform that provides its customers with the facility to choose the desired products from their favorite local store and get it delivered within 60 minutes. “Chaze” meets almost all the expectations of the customers.
It also provides an online platform to the small shopkeepers and retail counters and helps them by providing the delivery facility and customers all over Jabalpur which also helps the local delivery services to grow. The shopkeeper associated with Chaze gets direct orders from the customers which helps in the fast delivery of goods at the doorsteps.
The Chaze provides fast delivery and ensures that its customers get the best product through its easy return policies. If a customer applies for the return of any product be it the stationary product or grocery product or any other, a fair refund is given to the customer as soon as possible. According to the Chaze, customers should be the first priority and it has proven time to time by maintaining transparency.
Chaze always comes up with some exciting discount offers on grocery stationeries etc. which are a bit unique and are beneficial. It also conducts some online contests and the winners get some wonderful gifts, hampers, and prizes. It always cheers its customers as well as the shops associated with it and always try to keep a happy and healthy environment !!
The e-commerce platforms and the practice of online shopping has a great future ahead. There still are some limitations due to which people hesitate to spend money online. The sector of online shopping demands more and more platforms like “Chaze”, which has struggled a lot to meet the limitations and the growing demands of the customers. The e-commerce needs more and more such initiatives like “Chaze” to be taken to make a great future ahead.